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Plagiarism Stats

  • 52% plagiarize sentences for paper
  • 85% think they have to cheat
  • 90% think they won’t get caught
  • 90% of cheaters are never caught

Rules of Paraphrasing

  • Borrow But Don’t Copy
  • Care about the Meaning
  • Acknowledge the Author
  • Double Check
  • Cite the Source

Expert Australia Reword to Avoid Plagiarism Guide to Follow | Examples | Tips

Why Do You Need to Change Wording to Avoid Plagiarism Australia?

Plagiarism is presenting another’s ideas or words as your own. In many cases simply copying what someone else has said or written rather than using your own unique words is plagiarism. While it may be a quick way of getting something down on paper it can get you in some serious trouble if you are not attentive. This is why you must reword to avoid plagiarism AU or change wording to avoid plagiarism Australia. Our paraphrasing services Australia can help you to stay out of a huge amount of trouble.

As a student copying work and presenting it as your own can get you in many cases kicked off your course or even out of college. A failure to make a citation for a small quote may cause you to have your grades reduced if you have an otherwise good record. Submitting a paper that is wholly copied however is academic dishonesty and will almost certainly result in stiff penalties that could follow you for the rest of your life. It is even possible for degrees to be removed if students have been found to have copied at a later date.

reword to avoid plagiarism AU help

As a professional stealing someone else’s work could have even more serious penalties. Your reputation could suffer significantly and find yourself out of a job. Not only that you could be taken to court for damages by the original writer. You could end up paying not only damages but significant court fees.

Statistics reported through Plagiarism.org show that one in three high school students will admit to having plagiarized an assignment direct from the internet. While a quarter of graduate students admit to copying a few sentences without citing their sources. This is why schools and colleges today are turning to software such as TurnItIn to check the work that you do.

It is therefore very important that you fully understand how to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism AU. You must take very great care with what you do so that you will not accidentally copy something or forget to make correct citations and references. Our professional plagiarism rewording service Australia can help you to ensure that you never have problems with your rewriting.

Are You Plagiarizing without Realizing It?

Avoiding plagiarism in academic writing Austalia is far harder than most people think. Often they will rewrite and think that they have achieved something that is unique only to find that what they have produced is still plagiarized. The following will demonstrate the difference between good and poor paraphrasing:

     Original Plagiarism Paraphrase
“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”

(Source: Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince, 1943)

“It is hard work for children to keep explaining things to Adults who never understand anything all by themselves.”

This is plagiarism because: Although the order has been changed it reuses much of the original wording.

It can be highly tiring for kids to explain things to adults as they simply seem not to know anything without help.

Original Plagiarism Paraphrase
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

(Source: Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1960)

“You never truly comprehend a man until the point that you consider things from his perspective … Until the point when you move within his skin and stroll around in it.”

This is plagiarism because: Only a few words have been changed for synonyms. The structure and order are identical to the original.

Unless you have lived another person’s life as they have lived it you will never be able to comprehend who they are and why they make the choices that they do.

Original Plagiarism Paraphrase
“The ultimate failure of the United States will probably not derive from the problems we see or the conflicts we wage. It will more likely derive from our uncompromising belief in the things we consider unimpeachable and idealized and beautiful. Because every strength is a weakness, if given enough time.”

(Source: Chuck Klosterman, But What if We’re Wrong, 2016)

As Chuck Klosterman says (2016) the failure of the country will not come from problems we see or conflicts we rage. It will probably come directly from our uncompromising belief in what we see as beautiful, idealized, and unimpeachable. Given enough time even strength is a weakness.

This is plagiarism because: Just because you cite the name of the author does not allow you to reuse their words without putting them in quotation marks.

What we see as strong and right in our society and way of life is more likely to cause the downfall of the States than any conflict or other issues that we are dealing with today. We put too much value in our rights and values and this could become our weakness.

5 Powerful Strategies to Paraphrase to Avoid Plagiarism AU

Paraphrasing avoiding plagiarism in academic writing AU is not easy but there are many things that you can do to make things easier for yourself:

  • If in doubt cite your sources. Showing where you have gained your ideas does not make your own writing weaker, in fact quite the opposite. It shows that you have researched the subject and are able to understand and build on what others have already discovered.
  • Make quotations clear. Enclose direct quotations and even a few copied words within quotation marks to ensure that it is clear who said what. Ensure that you add the citation clearly and in the correct format for your writing. It would help you to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism AU.
  • Take good notes. Often plagiarism comes from poor note taking as you simply do not remember where information comes from or if you have copied something word for word. Ensure that your note taking is comprehensive. If you do copy something into your paper intending to change it do so in a different colour so that you don’t forget.
  • Check your writing using a plagiarism checker if you have any doubts at all. There are many different tools to choose from online and you can be sure that your tutor will be using one.
  • Use a plagiarism rewriting service Australia. Our professional service can ensure that all of the sources you require are used correctly within your writing and that there will be no possibility of any plagiarism with your work.

Common Synonyms to Reword to Avoid Plagiarism AU

One way of avoiding plagiarism in academic writing Austalia is, of course, to use synonyms to ensure that you reword the text so that it is different. Do not however simply use just the process of changing words for others that mean the same. Paraphrasing is much more than simply that. The following is a table of some common words that you may encounter along with their synonyms:

Original Word Synonym Original Word Synonym
Enthusiastic Keen, Eager Important Valuable, Necessary
Clarify Elaborate, Explain Look Examine, Eye, See
Unbiased Fair, Impartial Old Obsolete, Ancient
False Ungrounded, Untrue, Fraudulent Plan Scheme, Method
Renowned Famous, Eminen Display Show, Exhibit
Great Noteworthy, Remarkable Odd Peculiar, Strange
Conceal Hide, Mask Inform Tell, Notify

Useful Tips To Change Wording to Avoid Plagiarism Australia

If you have to rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism then you will want to know how to do it in the most effective way. If you don’t have time for lots of high-level research and writing and need to rewrite something quickly then our rephrasing Australia advice will help you:

  • Know the audience. When you rewrite something you want to ensure that you do so for the audience that will read it. You also need to know your reasons for rewriting such as to make something simpler to read or to improve it.
  • Understand the source writing. Read through and read it again until you are sure that you have a full understanding of all of the points that are there. Paraphrasing is about repeating the full meaning of the original text.
  • Do not just work through the text changing each word for a synonym. This will lead to a poorly written piece of work that will often still be recognizable as a copy.
  • Read through slowly and make notes of every point. Make the notes in your own words and do not repeat the words that are within the source. Ensure that you cover every point.
  • Leave some time before rewriting. If you rewrite too soon after reading the source you are more likely to unconsciously repeat many of the words that are there.
  • Reorder your notes. Often there is an alternative way of presenting the information. Arrange the notes that you have into a logical order for your rewriting.
  • Rewrite using only the notes and with no referral to the original writing.
  • Compare the copy to the original writing. If you have reused any of the original wording rewrite it so that it is different.
  • If there are phrases that you need to repeat ensure that you enclose them in speech marks to make it clear they are being used verbatim.
  • Proofread. Simple mistakes are not acceptable in any piece of writing. So take the time to work through and correct any mistakes.

change wording to avoid plagiarism Australia

Beat Turnitin with Our Plagiarism Rewriting Assistance Melbourne

By getting help from our Sydney article rewriter to avoid plagiarism you can be assured of writing that will not only be unique and free from even a hint of copying, it will also be perfectly written. Our rewording service AU always provides you with a subject qualified expert to work with. Their qualifications ensure that they will be able to fully understand the work that you need rewritten, something that is vital for excellent rewriting.

We do not simply use a paraphrasing tool as many others do. All of our rephrasing or summarizing help Australia is done manually and always according to your requirements. We will ensure that our rewording help AU will rewrite to impress the audience you intend it for, not just simply to remove plagiarism. With our help you will be able to submit perfectly written text that you can be sure is totally original when compared to the source.

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Whether you need help with paraphrasing Australian you can be assured that our rephrasing help Brisbane will offer you the best. We have been providing academic and professional paraphrasing for many years and we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our help.

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