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Plagiarism Stats

  • 52% plagiarize sentences for paper
  • 85% think they have to cheat
  • 90% think they won’t get caught
  • 90% of cheaters are never caught

Rules of Paraphrasing

  • Borrow But Don’t Copy
  • Care about the Meaning
  • Acknowledge the Author
  • Double Check
  • Cite the Source

FAQ on How to Write in Your Own Words

paraphrase my sentence right

Should I use a free piece of software?
There are many services and websites that will offer very cheap work and even freewriting as they employ software to do it. This software tool will work by taking many of the words within the original text and then swapping them for synonyms or words that mean the same. While this may sound in theory the practice normally results in nonsense. Many words mean something completely different depending on the context in which they are used and the software will often use the wrong meaning. For instance consider the word “plant” is this a flower, a piece of heavy machinery or even a factory?

How quickly can you paraphrase my sentence for me?
When you complete our online order form you will be prompted to provide us with a deadline within which your work will be completed. This can be as quick as just 24 hours and we will always ensure that we deliver your writing Sydney help within your deadline.

Do your services help students in Brisbane Australia?
Our online services can provide support to students, business owners, webmasters and other writing professionals from Adelaide through to Perth and everywhere between. Ours is a global service that has provided help to people from more than 120 countries around the world.

Does your expert know how to correctly format my work?
We always use experts that are able to deliver your work exactly how you need it. So if you want your report rewritten in APA format with correctly formatted citations then that is what you will get.

Will your rewording be completely unique?
One of the main reasons for it is that of avoiding plagiarism or copying. Our experts fully understand exactly what constitutes plagiarism and how it should be avoided. All rewriting that they do is done with an eye to ensuring that there is not even a hint of plagiarism.

Does your expert know how to paraphrase my legal report so that anyone can understand it?
Another common reason is to make something easier to understand or to target a different audience. This is only possible however if the person doing the rewriting fully understands what has been written. This is why not only are our experts very experienced in the process but they are also highly qualified with a postgraduate degree in the field of your source text.

What if I am not happy with the paraphrased text?
All work is provided initially as a draft allowing you to review it to ensure that it will fully meet your expectations. We allow unlimited revisions on all of our professional services and should you feel that any changes are required no matter how minor they will be undertaken by our expert to your requirements.

Is your service guaranteed in any way?
Yes, we have been around for more than 5 years and offer a full range of professional guarantees that you would expect:
  • Guaranteed confidentiality; we never share your information or work.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery no matter how tight a deadline is agreed.
  • Guaranteed error-free rewriting with professional proofreading.
  • Guaranteed copying free.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our rephrased text or your money back.

Struggling with a question of how to rehash in the right way? Our specialists are ready to assist you with this! Don’t miss your chance for a unique paper!