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Plagiarism Stats

  • 52% plagiarize sentences for paper
  • 85% think they have to cheat
  • 90% think they won’t get caught
  • 90% of cheaters are never caught

Rules of Paraphrasing

  • Borrow But Don’t Copy
  • Care about the Meaning
  • Acknowledge the Author
  • Double Check
  • Cite the Source

Our Paraphrasing Services Australia

Why Do You Need Paraphrasing Services?

paraphrasing servicesParaphrasing is when you reword what someone has already said or written into words that are uniquely your own. We use this process extensively within academic writing to repeat other researchers findings and ideas without having to use direct quotations and also in other areas such as online so that we can reuse writing while avoiding plagiarism penalties.

It is however, a process that is far harder than people think. So many will have issues with not reusing much of the original text and they also struggle with maintaining that original meaning. This is why so many will want to use an Australian paraphrase service to get the help that they need. Our professional online paraphrasing service Australia can provide support across Australia and beyond with all of your rewriting and rephrasing needs:

Academic paraphrasing

Academic paraphrasing AustraliaWithin your education you could be asked to paraphrase for many different reasons such as to show that you fully understand what an essay means through to reusing paragraphs from other researchers within your own dissertation or thesis. We can provide you with experts in paraphrasing that are fully academically qualified with postgraduate degrees in the field of your rewording. They will be able to fully understand the source text and help provide you with excellent quality paraphrasing that you will be able to happily use within your own writing and submit.

Content paraphrasing

Content Paraphrasing SydneyOnline writing needs to be unique and well written if it is going to be found within the search results and fully read by your visitors. However very often you may want to reuse something that you have written on multiple sites and this will require you to rewrite the text to avoid any issues with plagiarism and any associated penalties.

You may also need to rewrite articles that you are already using to take into account the use of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Writing without the use of SEO can be very hit and miss. Our experts can rewrite content to ensure that it takes advantage of SEO; we can also rewrite text that has overdone SEO such as with keyword stuffing. Our services can provide you with unique text that is optimized as well as being engaging for your audience.

Summarizing services

Summarizing AustraliaSummarizing is very similar to paraphrasing but you will only repeat the main ideas which will result in writing that is significantly shorter than the source text. Again this is an area that is often required from reviewing books to providing an abstract for your thesis. Our experts will work with you to ensure that you will get exactly the summary that you require.

Editing services

Editing Services AustraliaMany writers will be happy to do their own rewriting but may be very aware that maybe they have not done as good a job as they should have. Our professional and certified editors can provide you with all of the help that you need to ensure that your work is perfectly worded and flows as it should without any issues within the writing. Our service can provide that final polish that your writing needs to win better grades or be accepted.

Proofreading help

Poofreading Services AustraliaNone of us write in an error free way and our computers are not perfect at finding issues. They will often miss words that have been used out of context and may even suggest grammar changes that are incorrect. This is why if your important document needs to be totally perfect then you need to use on of our fully certified and highly experienced proofreaders.

Our Services Are Guaranteed

From our paraphrase service to our editing and proofreading we guarantee that all work that we provide will be unique and well written as well as being delivered within your deadline. Our services are always provided through direct communication with highly qualified experts and we cover their work with our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you want to make use of our paraphrasing services for perfectly targeted and written rephrasing that fully reflects the meaning of the source just get in touch with our experts here today!